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The Missionary & The Mercenary is a story intertwining history, suspense, and a love story with a dash of religion and family. When Father Brennan and Sister Monica are captured, their captors notice the bond between them, and devise a plan to force information from the two of them. During the interrogation, Father Brennan has no choice but to keep their secret at the expense of his sanity and leaving Father Brennan with an unbearable guilt that he carries with him long after they've both returned safely home to Ireland. Can Sean forgive himself or will he commit the ultimate sacrifice to end his torment?

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…..A journey to the other side of Tinseltown.

This was the first film by British filmmaker Stephen C Page, who was inspired by his first trip to Hollywood in 1987. Upon exploring the streets of the glamour capital of the world, Steve was shocked at the poverty and the number of homeless and runaway kids living in abandoned buildings, under freeways and on the streets of Hollywood. A side of Hollywood the glossy media fails to show. Shot in Hollywood in Sept/Oct 1990, Boulevard Angels explores life on the streets of Hollywood through the eyes of the homeless and runaway kids featured. After receiving a small cash award of $500.00 pounds Sterling from Walsall Youth Arts and a video camera, Steve set off to Hollywood, befriending and living rough with the young people you will meet in this film. To date it has been 20 years since Steve first filmed Boulevard Angels. If anyone has knowledge of the whereabouts, destiny or fate of any of the people in this film, the director would love for you to get in touch. Please contact him through e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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