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In 1970, a young Roger Voegtlin founded Fairhaven Baptist Church. It met weekly in the Sandpiper Restaurant that was operated by the late John Setser, in the building which is now the Chesterton Moose Lodge. Today, as it sits on a multi-million dollar campus at 86 E Oak Hill Road near the Gateway to the Dunes, many consider it a cult. Some were abused more than others. Some physical, some mental. This project seeks to find the truth of Fairhaven Baptist Church and document the many stories of life inside and life outside of Fairhaven. Some have found God in a whole new light. Some have found forgiveness. Some want nothing to do with God or no longer believe altogether. This film is our story. The good, the bad, the ugly of it all. But from the darkness, can something rise more beautiful than what was given? Can we still find the true Jesus, or are we too broken?


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